“The waiting is the hardest part”

Yes, “the waiting is the hardest part”, as the song by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers says.  And why wouldn’t this be true for success too?  Or from my point of view trying to make a go with a new business there is the waiting.  I won’t argue with Tom Petty.  It is hard to wait.

Another expression comes to mind.  It almost seems trite but it too is true.  “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.  Heard that one too?  So true but not much consolation.  Except it does put things into perspective.  It took a tremendous effort to build an entire city.  There was planning and preparation.  There were people of different talents and abilities working together to bring a vision into a reality.  Thousands of workers applied their skills into building roads, aqueducts, houses, and senate chambers.

Sometimes I find it easy to think I’m going about this all by myself.  I look around tonight and find it’s just me and this keyboard.  But that’s not the whole picture.  First, I’m obviously learning from our teacher/mentor John Thornhill who guides us through these steps of building an online business.  Second, there are many other students taking this class along with me.  They too are working and giving their dream their best shot.  There are many others who have developed different products and services to assist beginners and pros who have the same dreams.  There really is a network of people, working in different ways, with different projects, to see what they can create and offer to others.

As kids our parents might have notched a doorway to chart our progress of growing taller.  We heard Mom say eat this or drink that to grow big and tall.  We did in hopes of growing up.  Some days it just seemed we weren’t growing fast enough.  Some days it seemed we weren’t growing at all.  Maybe by next summer we could ride that roller-coaster with our older brother.  Growing didn’t happen in a day either.  As long as we looked ahead into the future, it might just happen, others said.  We told ourselves it just might come true.

I can take some consolation that growing a business does take time.  There will be days when I won’t feel like anything is moving ahead.  There will be setbacks and mistakes, oversights and missed opportunities.  It won’t feel like I’m growing at all.  I will probably feel like a failure sometimes.

Another image comes to me and that is of a runner.  When she is exhausted, she keeps running.  She keeps the finish line in her mind.  She pushes herself, even through all the pain.  And she keeps going.  Going on and on.  That’s important for me to remember too.  Each step, each day, I need to continue making the effort with the finish line in mind.

The runner image becomes so powerful when I note most runners realize they will not come in first place, even while running the race.  Yet they still run.  They continue running toward the finish line.  Many challenge themselves to go faster, to beat their last time, to finish the race for themselves.  It isn’t about winning first place for the crowd or camera for them.  It’s about running the race for themselves.

So starting this business will take my effort today and tomorrow.  That can be enough for now.  I will keep my eye on the finish line, but I know it will take some time to get there.  And if I get there, that will be something to acknowledge for myself.  Yes, the waiting is the hardest part, but if I make the effort, take the step each day, I will someday cross the finish line.


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