The Unavoidable

OopsMistakeSmallSome things are unavoidable. That would include taxes (especially this time of year), rain, and mistakes.

From a small business point of view: Taxes.  Part of me wishes I could search out those who are working on startups.  How did you do your taxes your first year in business?  Or more accurately, how did you do your taxes when you tried to start your business and made next to nothing?  Did you try doing your taxes yourself?  Were you nice to that brother-in-law or uncle who does taxes for others? Did you pick a software tax program to help you?  How did you manage?  If you tried to do taxes on your own, when did you get stuck?  When did you decide doing taxes was “out of your league”?

From a small business point of view: Rain.  Yes, I’ve heard the expression “a little rain must fall”.  But when it comes to business, when starting out, when does the rain start?  When does the money start to at least trickle in?  Most times these first few months that are soon to turn into a year, I feel like a college student when it comes to money.  Money seems to be traveling in one direction– Outbound.  Yes, there are needs for supplies, software, social media services.  Yes, we need a mailbox, mailbox setup, mailbox security system, mailbox responder, etc. But when will the ROI show up?  Should I lookup a resource to do a “Rain Dance”? Should that be a #Hashtag?  Like thousands of others just starting out, I’m hoping for at least a mild drizzle.

From a small business point of view: Mistakes.  Yep like you, I’ve heard others say so often, mistakes are a part of life and being human.  Learning truly takes place when we make our own mistakes.  Some mistakes cost more than others.  Some mistakes seem to advance us more than others.  I have tried and failed.  Sometimes it just takes time.  Now it appears my biggest mistakes are relying on products to make things happen with my business.  No doubt purchasing some of those products promising success in this business are mistakes.  But I keep hoping something will start working.  Something will produce a least a hint of success for me.  Maybe not everything I try will end up a mistake.  That alone should be a good outcome.  Here’s hoping….



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