Rainbows and the Pot of Gold

rainbow-with-cloudssmallHappy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

And may you have the luck of the Irish too!

Have you ever wondered why there are rainbows after it rains?  Now I’m not talking about the scientific explanation which has something to do with water droplets reflecting the sun’s rays.  No, I’m thinking about the religious teaching or legend behind the rainbow. Most have heard about the great flood which covered the earth thousands of year’s ago and the story of Noah.  After such a terrible flood where only life aboard the ark survived, God make a promise to never again flood the entire world or destroy it by water.

I’m not bringing this up to discuss religion or fables, but to talk about “reassurance” or if you prefer “insurance”.  You see, the rainbow is said to be a sign of God’s promise to avoid a world-wide flood.  And you’ve got to admit, it is a good-sized “sign” lots of people easily see besides being a welcome sight after lots of rain.  When you think of this in terms of two people, who wouldn’t want such a guarantee when entering into an agreement or sale?

In terms of a business or store, the rainbow or promise is part of its reputation or power to provide what the customer buys–a product or service.  In some ways, the store’s sign or logo makes it easy for lots of people to see what it can provide.  It attracts a potential customer. Basically, successful businesses are very good at keeping an agreement between provider and customer.  For example, the product purchased does what it says it will do.  Maybe this has been in us since Noah’s time. We seek out trustworthy places to go to for what we need.

That brings me to the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow.  And who doesn’t want to find that?  If you want to find a pot filled with something, well, gold is one of the best finds.  True, we don’t hear about anyone really finding that Pot of Gold, but that doesn’t stop us from searching for it.  I’ll admit spending time and effort in starting a business is in a sense looking for a way to earn more money.  In fact, all of us are looking for some sort of Pot of Gold.   It might be wealth, fame, health, or happiness.

Thinking about these things reminds me how I can add more value to some potential product or service I hope to provide.  In a basic sense, I really cannot supply the whole pot of gold, but I don’t have to.  Customers already have lots of wants or needs and problems to be solved.  All I need to provide is one good solution or one reliable item they might need at this time.   If I can offer one coin, that’s good. If I can offer a few coins, that’s great.

As for the rainbow, it might be even more important than the pot of gold.  Why?  First, it eases any storm.  It’s like a product that fixes a problem and helps immediately.  It also could be visible to anyone in a similar situation.  Rainbows can never be too big.  We as businesses always seek more reach, better advertising, more customers.  All of that takes time and effort.  Businesses start out small and it takes time and experience to grow.  Along the way we serve customer after customer learning what they want and need.  Finally, usually after years of this service, if we succeed, we build trust.  And trust becomes a reputation based on all those agreements along the way.


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