How I became a “Dunkin Donuts” regular

So how did I become a “Dunkin Donuts” regular, heading out each morning for a cup of coffee for my wife and me?

Unaware of my wife’s preference for “Dunkin Donuts” coffee, we got married.  It wasn’t very long after I discovered she wanted a cup of coffee every morning.  Being the practical male, I dug out the ol’ coffee maker since I wanted to please her and got it brewing the next morning.  True enough, the coffee itself was almost as old as the pot, but I thought everything was okay.  Coffee was just coffee wasn’t it?  To me it all tasted the same except for how much sugar or cream was added.  Not so for everyone, I soon discovered.

Since we’ve been married almost 11 years now, I really cannot remember if this went on for a couple of days or a week or so.  Whatever the brief period of time, it didn’t last too long before my wife insisted on “Dunkin Donuts” coffee, with cream.  So being the practical male as I’ve already stated, I went out to the nearest “Dunkin Donuts” to buy a bag of the original stuff to brew at home. The ol’ coffee maker and I could handle this one.  Now I had the right stuff and even fresher ground beans to brew.  I had what I thought was the solution in hand.

This too lasted just a matter of days before my darling wife said the coffee brewed at home wasn’t the same as picking up a couple of Styrofoam cups ready-to-go from “Dunkin Donuts”!  I was amazed she even said that.  My original reaction was disbelief.  It was illogical.  After all, same ingredients: Water plus “Dunkin Donuts” ground coffee should produce “Dunkin Donuts” coffee. Sure the cup might be different but what did that matter.  Same drink.  Same coffee.

Well, here it is years later and I can attest that I didn’t win that debate.  So rain or shine, summer or coldest winter, I head out in the early morning driving to “Dunkin Donuts” for two or three ready-to-go cups of regular coffee with cream to go!  And now even I miss that coffee if there’s a morning without it.

So how did I become a regular customer?  Here’s my guess….

First, “Dunkin Donuts” has a consistent, branded product conveniently available.  Their coffee tastes the same wherever you purchase it, while at home or on vacation.  Furthermore, this consistency stretches way back for years.  The taste was appealing when my wife started drinking coffee and it’s likely even her parents enjoyed their coffee.  Customers experience the same satisfying taste morning after morning and are very rarely disappointed.  All this personal first-hand experience leads to a powerful trust in the brand/product.  When they buy this they get this.

Second, “Dunkin Donuts” coffee was recommended by someone I knew, my wife.  For the most part, I trust my wife’s recommendations.  If she is happy with something, I am generally also happy.  (Those of you who are married understand.)  I was more than willing to try her suggestion of tasting “Dunkin Donuts” coffee.  If she liked it so much, I might also like it.  Besides, why not share the same thing rather than going two different places for coffee.  Even when I was a coffee novice, I never considered it worth stopping one place for breakfast and another place to get coffee.

Third, and probably most mysterious to me is the formation of a habit.  Whenever I bring home “Dunkin Donuts” coffee, things are fine.  On one rare morning, the “Dunkin Donuts” store was dark and closed due to a power outage.  I did the next best thing and swung by McDonalds for two cups of their coffee.  When I arrived home my wife noticed the different cups and was immediately disappointed.  She understood why there had to be a change but there was still the disappointment.  Near as I could tell, our habit of sharing coffee had set up a morning habit.  After that was established, anything and everything having to due with drinking coffee became measured and compared with a standard cup.  Yes, you’ve got it.  The standard was and still is “Dunkin Donuts” coffee.





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