Happy First Day of Spring !

Let’s hear it for new beginnings!  Nature will be waking up with new colors, sights, and sounds.  No matter where you are in the world today, at least according to the calendar, is the first day of Spring.  So if Spring has not sprung, it will get to you eventually.  After the cold and snow filled winter, Spring is a welcomed season.  Warmer weather, sun-filled days, and getting outdoors is a nice change.  Most welcome this change wholeheartedly.

In a similar way, I’m looking for a springtime in this new business of mine.  I cannot say for certain when it will come.  In fact, I haven’t experienced it yet.  I suppose like many others new to creating a small business, I imagine it will mean having bump in my income.  The business I am creating will finally “make some money”.  So far things seem to be in the investment mode.  Investing the time in working on this blog, learning new things, using software, posting on social networks,  keeping up with the Partnership for Success class work, etc.

Overall, I’d have to say this investing phase has been a fairly good experience.  I like seeing tangible results and this blog has been something I’m able to see and point to.  Each post is another brick in what I’m building.  Even though there aren’t any real followers, at least there is something posted someone will be able to follow.  To tell the truth, ever since I was in high school I’ve imagined being a writer.  Well, this is evidence of my doing some writing.  Mind you, it’s not the world’s greatest novel or anything to compete with J. R. Rowlings’ Harry Potter, but for me it is a start.  It really doesn’t have to be.  Being new to this, I don’t have to be perfect.  It’s better to think of it as practice.  Now the real challenge will be to keep up with it, posting to this blog on a regular basis.

If I fail, it won’t be for not trying.  Besides, a failure doesn’t have to be a failure if I think of that springtime to come.  Today it might be in the 40’s.  But if I have a bit of faith in springtime’s arrival, someday it will be in the 60’s and 70’s.  Those birds that have started singing will continue to sing.  And nothing will keep those flowers in the ground.

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