Switching phone service to save money

Do you still have a land-line phone at your house?  If so, why not consider a cheaper alternative?

I was one of those reluctant to change my traditional phone service through a phone company for phone service offered through my cable company.  To tell the truth, I found things pretty confusing and didn’t really understand how it would work.  Would I have to change my wall phone in the kitchen?  Would I be able to use my answering machine?  What happens if I call 9-1-1?  Will my phone go dead during a power outage?

It was only after a relative in the family switched their phone to her cable TV provider that I seriously considered doing it myself.  She explained the switch saved her about $20/month.  I listened to her and started asking those questions.  She reassured me the phone wouldn’t go dead if we lost electricity because the new phone modem used had a battery backup which lasted 8 hours.  I could keep my original phone number.  I would be able to use my same phones.  Instead of a regular phone bill, I’d see a charge added into my cable bill.

I was almost sold on the idea.  But what would happen to the Internet setup I already had?  My TV and Internet had been working for years through cable.  I was using my own modem and router and things were working fine.  Would things change and not work if I added phone service through my cable company?  Would the phone modem work with the existing modem and router?

All these little fears were answered when the cable guy showed up to install the cable phone service.  He asked where the cable line entered the house and where my computer was located as we walked down to the basement.  “We’ll just add the phone modem down here somewhere, and leave everything untouched upstairs”.  That was music to my ears and my last fears about the switch disappeared.  Basically, he added another coaxial cable line and connected the special phone modem to it.  Then he took the telephone line that fed all the phones in the house and plugged it into the new phone modem.  He assured me the modem had a backup battery built-in and now would work with 9-1-1 services.  Done.  The next month’s bill came and having a phone cost $20-30 less than before.

Yes, it was a slow sale for the cable company.  I’d seen the ads for years before I even considered changing to their service.  It took a personal recommendation from someone I knew to get me to seriously think of changing phone companies.  Then I had to satisfy all my technical questions.  When the next month’s bill arrived and confirmed my savings, I was rewarded for my choice to switch.

But the story doesn’t end there.  Recently I made another switch for my phone service to save even more money.  More later….


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