Going in different directions

As a newbie hoping to start a business online, I am finding it is important to do these two things: Prioritize and work at Time Management.

Have you ever felt like you were pulled in two different directions?  Probably that’s a feeling shared by most of us.  In fact, most likely we might say we are pulled in many different directions these days.  Though we seldom wear hats these days in any real way, we do wear lots of different “hats” when it comes to what we are responsible for each day.

We could say we wear the “single” or “married” hat.  We wear the “manager”, “helper”, “worker” hat.  “We wear the “brother”, “sister”, “son”, “daughter” hat, and so on.

When I decided to try taking my dream of starting a business seriously, I found myself doing a lot of different things.  Like most people beginning a start-up, I’m the chief cook and bottle washer, and have to do most everything.  Check the e-mail, the posts and responses, and the P.O. box.  Pay the bills, find the receipts, and arrange to do the taxes.  Find a program or product, review the program, purchase, read and learn, put it to use.  Etc.

Before too long there are a number of things on the To Do List.  I even have multiple To Do Lists.  And the easiest thing to do is just go off in one direction and later think I should also do this or that and head off in a different direction.  Then the time goes by, it gets into the evening and I think, “What did I do today”?

John Thornhill, suggested we start reading and commenting on other blogs as part of his Partnership To Success class.  That’s good advice because already I’ve read some ideas about both sorting out priorities and how to manage my time.  No doubt, I’ll have more to say on these two topics later.

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